The Slot Machine Symbols: Master These Winning Symbol Combinations

The Slot Machine Symbols: Master These Winning Symbol Combinations

Slot players must ready themselves as they will be taking in a time machine travelling you back to the roots of the traditional to modern slots. Studying with the original design of the slot machines will give you some helpful clues about the latest slots gaming. Special symbols are also used and have appeared these days, and some of them are exclusive symbols.

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The fruit machine symbols

There could be some point in your life that you caught a glimpse of the classic and traditional fruit machine symbols. The first slot machines are quite different. The fruit machines looked old yet appeared a few decades after the origin of the first slots. There is a different theme in the original slots machine symbols, which are quite familiar to the video slot fanatics. In the poker theme slots, there were first slots symbols. But, you may be surprised that wheels or fortune and poker machines are older than the primary slot machines. The first slot game was influenced by the popular poker game, which 5-reels displayed card faces. As you notice, the base symbols of the classic slot game represent the highest values of poker cards. If you wonder about the oldest slot machine symbol, poker and slots share not only on one casino roof but also in its history too.

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The online slots symbols

Online slots symbols are in different types. Online casinos offer you unlimited chances to play your favourite game without organizing an excursion to the casino resort. Slot reel symbols are a boon for the game genre in many features. If you are a slot fan, then you need to know the different types of slot symbols that you might possible to encounter, such as:

  • Bonus Symbols. These symbols are closer to the scatter. But, it triggers the special bonus game. The bonus game is the most innovative features of the slot game. It has the greatest prize. The gameplay requires decision-making.
  • Multiplier Symbols. These symbols are among the rarer bonus features in a slot game. It multiplies the wins; these symbols increase the payout size. These can also be standard symbols.
  • Scatter Symbols. These symbols can trigger bonus symbols. These symbols are other rarer symbols that are harder to land. It is often associated with extra free spins rounds, which is highly profitable to the players.
  • Stacked Symbols. These symbols are taking larger place on the reels. It increases the odds that takes part in a pay-line. Stacked symbols can also be standard symbols. Most profitable stacked symbols come with a bonus.
  • Wild Symbols. These are special bonus types of symbols. It mostly features with the 5-reel online slots. Wilds increase the odds for winning though the player should check if it appears on the reels or specific ones.