Types Of Sports Betting: A Quick Guide For Beginners

Types Of Sports Betting: A Quick Guide For Beginners

Sport betting is predicting the results of a particular sport and placing a wager on its outcome. A lot of fan enthusiasts bet on their favorite teams or players. Most beginners at sport betting get overwhelmed by the many options available. Understanding the different types of sports betting is crucial in winning the bet. There are plenty of casino reviews that list the Best10 Types of Betting. Here are the most common you should know about.

Fixed odds sports betting

Most sports betting guides are about fixed odds sports betting. It is a traditional form of placing your bets so most people are familiar with this already. The term “fixed odds” means that both parties agree on the odds when placing a wager. The winning wager gets paid out at those agreed odds even when those odds moved. It is a very simple and straightforward type of betting. You predict what is going to happen in a particular sports event and place your bet. There are several fixed odds bets. You can place a wager on which team will win the match or which player will win the tournament.


Live betting or in-play betting

This betting is also a form of fixed odds betting but there is one major difference. Bettors place wagers on events after they start. Live betting has a different set of rules. It allows people to place bets any time during the event and even right until the event is about to end. The odds for different bets change as the game or event progresses. Thanks to modern technology and the existence of the internet, this bet is now very popular. Some people want to get a feel of how the event or game will turn out before they decide to place their bets.

Exchange betting

There are plenty of people who choose to use betting exchanges for their wagers. There are also those who do all their wagers this way. The odds for this betting is the same as traditional sports betting. The only difference is that there is no bookmaker involved in exchange betting. Wagers are only between bettors. One of the main reasons why people like this is they can handle the financial side. It can be a bit confusing but it is actually simple once you understand how it goes.

There are many other types of sports betting. These include Spread Betting, Pari-Mutuel Betting, and E-Sports Betting. Make sure you understand each before you place any bet.