Lo So De- The Online Lottery App

Lo So De- The Online Lottery App

Human is a social creature. As much as he needs communication, he needs the entertainment to lead his life. Lo So De is one such app to entertain its users. There are some things that you need to pay attention to while using lo so de. This is the key in your path to sublimation. If the player wins, then he cannot withdraw his money. If you win, you cannot withdraw your money.

  • Loto188– This is a recently emerging online gambling address. It is an emerging bingo site in Vietnam with good odds. The deposit and withdrawals are slow, where sometimes orders are dropped. The default player is the agent. Its lottery is super speed easy to play. The player can withdraw 100million. However, it has very bad customer service, and you have always had to wait in line. The daily withdrawal is limited to five times.
  • Lixi88 – The house has the same owner as Loto188. The first deposit bonus is 88,000vnd. A person can get 1% of the subordinate deposit with odds of 1 to 99. It has very slow deposit/withdrawal – win or are locked up and deduct without grace. It has uncivilized customer service. The Lixi88 has the same owner as Lotto188, exists for backup purposes.

  • Win2888 – This is an online lottery house from Shanghai, China. Its headquarters is in Cambodia, which is not far from the Vietnam border. It has many odds but has a normal deposit and a fixed withdrawal time. It has one Lottery house from China with no first deposit promotion. It has officially collapsed from mid-September 2019. The numbering interface is quite troublesome if the player experience is low.
  • LD789 – It has a digital web service with many potential risks for players. Its odds are up to one to 99. It is operating under the agency model where the players have many potential risks. All the player interactions are through the dealer. The playing lotto at LD789 has a high chance of being caught.
  • Lode88 – It has a low odd rate from 1 to 82. There are currently no promotions. It gives long, unstable withdrawal and deposits. There are servers in Vietnam with a high risk for players with no legal betting license. This has no transparency with involvement in many scandals. It has a weak financial foundation and cannot withstand big waves.


Though the tickets are expensive, it increases the chances of your winning. It is convenient for many people who have started opting for it. The players have a highly secure environment that they can trust.