Play Online Slots – Avoid These Errors

A lot of people like to play online Slots. When playing the game it is important to know what your opponents are doing, find out their tendencies and make the best possible plays in order to win with confidence. One of the easiest ways to do this is by checking out their score history.

One mistake a lot of players make when they want to check out score history is by not entering all necessary information or missing one key piece such as the type of slot machine you are playing on or how much money you are betting on each spin.

  1. Before you start playing, enter all possible information first. Each site has its own unique way of showing score history. Make sure that you complete each Slot Gacor machine for which you wish to check score history for.
  1. Don’t rely on last days/weeks statistics when trying to discern your opponents tendencies and play style. When online casinos offer players a chance to track their scores from the past it is most likely going to be in the last day or 2 weeks’ worth of statistics. This could be good or bad, depending on what you are trying to find out but it is especially important if your opponent is someone that you are playing against regularly.
  1. Make sure the type of slot machine you are playing is included in the statistics. Even more specifically, make sure that a pay table has been provided for it as well. If this information is not shared then there’s a chance that some of your statistics will not be accurate and therefore, invalid.
  1. Don’t use your play history as a means of determining how much you should bet each spin (understandably players will want to play with a strategy they can feel confident with). Try to take the advice from 1 and 3 first before deciding on how much you have to bet.  It can be difficult for players to figure out exactly what their opponents are doing, but if you know them a lot then it is easier.
  1. Do you know what the Slot Terbaru machine that your opponent is playing is on? If not then, as mentioned above, check out score history and make sure that your information’s are complete before making any decisions or strategy changes.
  1. Pay attention to your chips and money totals at the end – this will indicate how successful each spin has been for you and your opposition.
  1.  Pay attention to your opponents spend rate (total bet money per spin). This is the most efficient way to use your time when trying to check out your opponents score history, but it can be difficult to spot. Try monitoring how much they are betting on each spin and make a note of that.